The best Brazilian restaurant toronto

How hard is to find a brazilian restaurant toronto? Yeap, we agree! So that’s why we decide to make this post – with tips and places you can get the best brazilian meal ever in Toronto. Let’s see!

Brazilian Restaurant Toronto


First of all, when you talk about brazilian cuisine, what’s the first item that always come to mind?  Yeap: feijoada! Sylvia’s feijoada, served by herself at her home, includes brazilian dessert and fried cassavas. Visit her menu at Dinneer!

Brazilian Restaurant


Who doesn’t love pancakes? Brazilian pancakes are awesome! Vera is one of the bests pancake makers in Toronto, you shouldn’t miss it at all! With a tropical salad and brigadeiro, that’s an excellent deal!

Brazilian Restaurant

Strogonoff de Frango!

A brazilian must have is chicken strogonoff. There’s a chef, Glenda, that makes it in a way you won’t ever forget. With an entrance made with eggplants, this tastes will be forever in your memory.

Brazilian Restaurant

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