Brazilian Food London

Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London


The Brazilian food is missed by every single Brazilian who live abroad, and it’s not always easy to find Brazilian food to sell in others countries. Thinking about that, we made up a list of options that you can use to find high quality Brazilian food in London.  Check it out! And prepare yourself to get your mouth watering.


Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Garden Dinners (Homemade Dinner)

Address: 15 Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale

Contact: +44 77 2021 3792

Garden Dinners offers Brazilian food at their backyard, in a cozy and familiar place, with a playground for the kids. The dinners are made by booking, the menu changes depending on the day. Feijoada, churrasco and Brazilian style pizzas are some of the dishes which are offered.


Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Boteco do Dedeco (Shared Meal)

Entry: Feijoada Tartelette

Main Course: Pork ribs marinated in cachaça, with mashed manioc and crispy cabbage

Desserts: Tropical Sushioca, made with coconut, fresh fruits, nuts and chocolate

Chef Andre will prepares you an unforgettable dinner, with the best of the Brazilian flavours served in a chef’s way, nice to look and better to eat.

Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Brigadeiro’s Brazilian Homemade (Sweets Delivery)

Address: Pembridge Place, Bayswater

Contact: +44 74 1293 0758 /

Come enjoy the famous Brazilian brigadeiro made in a different and creative way. Options like oreo, kit-kat, paçoca and strawberry are some of the flavours you can order. The brigadeiros can be ordered by e-mail or phone.


Picanha a brasileira
Picanha a brasileira

Hugo’s Barbecue (Shared Meal)

Entry: Tipical Brazilian’s apetizers

Main Course: A Brazilian barbecue with sausage, picanha, manioc, rice and tropeiro beans.

Desserts: Paisson Fruit mousse

To Drink: Caipirinhas

Better than eating Brazilian churrasco at a restaurant, is eating it at the backyard prepared by a genuine Brazilian! Come find out this amazing experience offered by Hugo!


Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Esfihas Excellent (Food Delivery)

Address: 72 High Rd

Contact: +44 20 3774 8987

Esfihas Excellent is a delivery esfiha restaurant beside the Universal Church. Besides the esfihas, it offers a range of Brazilian style pizzas and burgers to deliver. There you can find the classic Catupiry stuffed-crust pizza and also the famous X-burgers.


Mum In Da Kitchen (Food Delivery)

Address: 15 Canterbury Crescent, Stockwell

Contact: +44 77 1267 2632

Mum In Da Kitchen has Brazilian healthy meals to deliver at the south part of London. The orders need to be made till 10AM, through the phone number above, the delivery is free.

Restaurantes buenos aires
Moqueca de Peixe

Jaqueline’s Brazilian Food (Shared Meal)

Entry: Banana Chips

Main Course: Fish Moqueca with shrimp sauce, comes with rice and pirão.

To Drink: 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine or 2 cans of soda.

Be Jaqueline’s guest and have the best Moqueca of London! The Moqueca is a delicious dish made with fish, red pepper, and a incredible sauce. Come find out the universe of shared economy!


Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Novilho de Ouro (Butchers)

Address: 54 Hermit Road, Plaistow

Contact: +44 20 7511 9090

Novilho de Ouro is an authentic Brazilian butchers that offers Brazilian meat cuts, and besides, has a range of Brazilian groceries. All you need to make a true Brazilian barbecue.


Brazilian Food London
Brazilian Food London

Flavia’s Feijoada, the best of London (Shared Meal)

Entry: Tomato and Mozzarella sticks

Main Course: A complete feijoada with bacon, sausage and pork ribs; comes with rice, farofa, cabbage, vinaigrette and orange!

Desserts: Red Berries Cheesecake

Figure yourself having a delicious Brazilian Feijoada, prepared by a genuine Brazilian! Enjoy the best of the Brazilian flavours with Flávia and her family!


Brasil em Casa (Online Grocery Store)

Address: 54 Hermit Road, Plaistow

Contact: +44 20 7511 9090 /

The website is a online grocery store which has a range of Brazilian groceries. The products are delivered within 24 hours. And, besides the groceries, you can also order Brazilian cuts of meat.


We hope that this list helps you to find the best Brazilian food in London! But if you want to have an unusual gastronomic experience, you also can have an adventure through the universe of shared economy, meeting other Brazilians who also live in London and are offering Brazilian dinners at their own houses by Dinneer. Click here and learn more about shared dinners.

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