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We know that sometimes all we want is to try a different taste, but it has to be the way we like: very Brazilian! There are many options for you to choose about what to do in London when all we miss is our food, so to let your decision less complicated, we made up a list only with the best options of Brazilian restaurants in London. Take note of these sugestions and prepare yourself to get your mouth watering.

À la carte

Brazilian Restaurant London

Brazilian Restaurant London

Restaurant: Sabores
Address: 81 Dudden Hill Ln
Phone: +44 78 5605 1432
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4 stars
This restaurant is a great option for those who are looking for a Brazilian spice in London. You can find coxinhas and even beans, there is a very good menu and an excellent buffet at noon. It’s worth. The price is fair, the quality is good and and the waiters are very polite.

Tia Maria Restaurant e Music Bar

Restaurant: Tia Maria
Address: 126 South Lambeth Road
Phone: +44 20 7622 3602
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4 stars and a Certificate of Excellence
A genuine Brazilian restaurant, that besides offering many kinds of Brazilian dishes offers too the best quality of live music: forró, samba, pagode, chorinho, MPB and much more. No wonder that Tia Maria brings a great amount of Brazilians who live in London, foreigners from all around the world, and also turists.

Flavia's Feijoada, the best of London

Restaurant: Flavia’s Feijoada, the best of London
Entry: Tomato and Mozzarella sticks
Main Course: A complete feijoada: bacon, sausage and pork ribs; comes with: rice, farofa, cabbage, vinaigrette and orange!
Desserts: Red Berries Cheesecake
Figure yourself having a delicious Brazilian Feijoada, prepared by a Brazilian! Enjoy the best of the Brazilian flavours with Flávia and her family!

Brazilian Gourmet Restaurant

Restaurant: Brazilian Gourmet
Address: 70 Cleveland St
Phone: +44 20 7018 0879
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4,4 stars and a Certificate of Excellence
The restaurant brings a piece of Brazil. The food is simply delicious. The feijoada, fricassee, barbecue sticks and lots of very well served dishes with a fair prices. A likable place and an efficient treatment. It’s worth.


Restaurante Sabor Brasileiro

Restaurant: Sabor Brasileiro
Address: 639 Harrow Rd
Phone: +44 20 8969 1149
Evaluation(Trip Advisor): 4,5 stars
Very good and with a reasonable price (comparing to the prices of London). It’s a restaurant with Brazil’s identity, good treatment, good localization and tasty and fresh foods.

Jaqueline's Brazilian Food

Restaurant: Jaqueline’s Brazilian Food
Entry: Banana Chips
Main Course: Fish Moqueca with shrimp sauce, comes with rice and pirão.
Drinks: 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine or 2 cans of soda.
Be Jaqueline’s guest and have the best Moqueca of London! The Moqueca is a delicious dish made with fish, red pepper, and a incredible sauce. Come find out the universe of shared economy!

Rodizio Preto Buffet

Restaurant: Rodizio Preto
Address (4 units): 31-33 Putney High Street; 72 Wilton Road; 73 Shaftesbury Avenue; 117 Queensway.
Phone: +44 20 7233 8668
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars
At the Brazilian barbecue restaurant Rodizio Preto you can choose the option of having only the food from the buffet: rice, beans, stroganoff, polenta, cheese bread, corn, and a good variety of salads and fruits. Just the buffet capable of making a great and delicious plate of food.


Rodizio Preto Rodízio

Restaurant: Rodizio Preto
Address (4 units): 31-33 Putney High Street; 72 Wilton Road; 73 Shaftesbury Avenue; 117 Queensway.
Phone: +44 20 7233 8668
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars
The quality of the beef are good, great treatment, a buffet that makes us remember the Brazilian food and besides there is a excellent caipirinha and a wonderfull milk pudim.

Desejo do Brazil

Restaurant: Desejo do Brasil
Address: 168 Sussex Gardens
Phone: +44 20 7402 3456
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4 stars
It worth for those who enjoy the Brazilian gastronomy, good for those who want rice with beans, besides a delicious feijoada and a variety of meat, like: steak, sausage, chicken heart, cupim, etc. Excellent treatment and great cost benefit, besides that, it’s pretty close to the Paddington subway station.

Hugo's Barbecue

Restaurant: Hugo’s Barbecue
Entry: Tipical Brazilian’s apetizers
Main Course: A Brazilian barbecue with: sausage, filet steak, vinagrete, manioc, rice, tropeiro beans, besides some other surprises…
Desserts and Drinks: Paisson Fruit mousse and Caipirinhas
Better than eating Brazilian churrasco at a restaurant, is eating it at the backyard prepared by a genuine Brazilian! Come find out this amazing experience offered by Hugo!


Restaurant: Rodizio Rico
Address (3 units): The O2; 77-78 Upper Street, 111 Westbourne Grove.
Phone: +44 20 8858 6333
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars
Excellent treatment and tasty dishes! The beef was expectacular and very well prepared. Here I could feel all the flavours of the Brazilian gastronomy, which I missed so much. It wasn’t cheap, but had coxinhas, cheese bread and filet steak. So good! And all of this with a lot of Guaraná Antarctica!

Other Options

Made in Brasil

Restaurant: Made in Brasil (Bar-Restaurant)
Address: 12 Inverness St
Phone: +44 20 7482 0777
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4 stars and a Certificate of Excellence
When you visit Camden Town a stop at Made in Brazil is required! Besides the good quality and amazing flavour, the dishes are carefully prepared with Brazilian Ingredients. We tryed and recommend the feijoada, caipirinhas of many kinds and apetizers for entries! Even the waiters are originaly Brazilian!

Restaurant: Café Brazil (Bar-Restaurant)
Address: 511 Fulham Rd
Phone: +44 20 7385 2244
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4,5 stars and a Certificate of Excellence
It’s always delicious when you go to the Café Brazil, Even for the tasty pizzas, coxinhas, pasteis and also for the pictures of the Brazilian players of Chelsea F.C. Very cozy, familiar, with a great food and a wonderfull spot! The treatment is very good, the coffee is very tasty, It’s worth visiting, mainly on Chelsea’s match day, because it’s right in front of the arena.


Restaurant: Guanabara (Restaurant-Night Club)
Address: New London Theatre, Parker St
Phone: +44 20 7242 8600
Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars
It’s a fun and happy place, good food, good options of drinks. The Brazilian treatment makes it even more cozy. For those who live in London for a long time, and miss Brazil, Guanabara is the best place to go. The food is not that cheap, but you can drink Brazilian beers and eat feijoada if you are tired of the English food.


We hope that this list helps you to find the best Brazilian spots of London! But if you want to have an unusual gastronomic experience, you also can have an adventure through the universe of shared economy, meeting other Brazilians who also live in London and are offering Brazilian dinners at their own houses by Dinneer. Click here and learn more about shared dinners.

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