Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam

We know that sometimes all we want is to try a different taste, but it has to be the way we like: very Brazilian! There are many options for you to choose about what to do in Amsterdam when all we miss is our food, so to let your decision less complicated, we made up a list only with the best options of Brazilian restaurants in Amsterdam. Take note of these sugestions and prepare yourself to get your mouth watering. Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam


À la carte


Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam

Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam

Restaurant: Do Brasil

Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 86

Phone: +31 20 622 6332

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars

The title “Do Brasil” called our attention. A caipirinha to start, very good. A grilled fillet steak, medium rare, no mistakes, excellent! And the pork ribs, these well done, so soft and amazing taste. Black beans well prepared. Warm and likable place. One of our best dinners in Amsterdam.


boteco do lucio ams

Restaurant: Boteco do Lucio 91

Address: Amstelveenseweg 91

Phone: +31 20 664 1620

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3,5 stars     

The food is really good and authentic! For non-Brazilians that want to try a real Brazilian food, it’s the best choice. The place is small, but the staff is friendly and the dishes are delicious! One of the best Brazilian restaurants of Amsterdam, for sure.


anuncio comida bahiana ams

Restaurant: Directly from Bahia! 

Entry: Tapioca and croquettes of fish, manioc and sweet potato.

Main Course: Vatapá, Baião de dois, shrimp Moqueca, Hauçá rice, Tropeiro beans, mashed manioc and much more.

Desserts: Corn cake, chocolate pie and coconut pudding.

Better than eating at a restaurant is having a tradicional Brazilian meal. Come have a delicious meal prepared by a genuine Brazilian from Bahia! Taste the best of the Brazilian northeastern culinary and enjoy the company of Yekatherine and her Family! Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam


la cacerola ams

Restaurant: La Cacerola

Address: Weteringstraat 41 BG

Phone: +31 20 627 9397

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 4,5 stars and a Certificate of Excellence

Great hidden gem, this restaurant has everything you need, it is cosy, the food is to die for, the staff is very nice and friendly. The barbecued food is delicious. Yes, the menu is small, only 3 dishes and a special, but then there’s the chef’s surprise. You can order 3 – 6 courses and, as the name suggests, you don’t have a clue what you’re going to get. It’s a restaurant that mix Brazilian and Spanish culinary, with some French and Asian elements too. Brazilian Restaurant Amsterdam




samba kitchen ams

Restaurant: Samba Kitchen

Address: Ceintuurbaan 63

Phone: +31 20 676 0513

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3 stars

This restaurant is located in downtown Amsterdam, it’s small and cozy, there is a buffet of hot and cold dishes, barbecued meats are served at your table and the caipirinhas are amazing. I recommend, check it out!


Restaurant: Braziliaans Grill

Address: Zeedijk 28

Phone: +31 63 934 4414

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3 stars

Very similar to the Brazilian churrascarias. Good for those who love meat and want to hear some portuguese. The restaurant is well located and easy to find.


Other Options


Finalmente brasil2 ams

Restaurant: Finalmente Brasil (Market and Snack bar)

Address: Bottelaarpassage 65 (Market) and Kinkerstraat, 358 (Snack bar)

Phone: +31 36 530 0022

It is a Brazilian market at Kinkerstraat, a little piece of Brazil, good variety of Brazilian products, you can find since paçoquinha till açaí, and other things like Guaraná Antarctica, flour, corned feijoada and, of course, the caipirinha kit. The Finalmente Brasil also has a snack bar where you can find coxinhas, meatstick and the famous Brazilian X burgers.


anuncio beto ams

Restaurant: Beto’s Brazilian dinner

Entry: Fish soup and a special salad prepared with truffle oil.

Main Course: A tipical Shrimp Bobó with rice.

Desserts: Brownie with ice cream.

Come sit at Beto’s table, and have the best of the Brazilian gastronomy! Taste the very special spice of dishes that come from generations of the Host Family. Prepare yourself to feel what only a genuine Brazilian food can make you feel!


boteco do barão ams

Restaurant: Boteco do Barão (Restaurant – Bar)

Address: Haarlemmermeerstraat 27

Phone: +31 20 408 3877

Evaluation (Google): 4 stars

The taste of Brazil, you can find the tradicional “frango com quiabo”, besides picanha, Brazilian style fried chicken, meatsticks, feijoada and other dishes with a special Brazilian spice. Besides, on football game days, Boteco do Barão can be an option for those who like to have a cold beer watching the match!


sabor de maria ams

Restaurant: Sabor de Maria (Market and Snack bar)

Address: Roelof Hartstraat 60

Phone: +31 20 662 6276

Evaluation (Trip Advisor): 3 stars

There you can find some Brazilian products such as beans, manioc flour, Guaraná Antarctica and others. It also has pre cooked meals to eat at home and a snack bar where you can find coxinhas, quibe, and some other Brazilian snacks. Sabor de Maria has a catering service that can be ordered through the website.


We hope that this list helps you to find the best Brazilian spots of Amsterdam! But if you want to have an unusual gastronomic experience, you also can have an adventure through the universe of shared economy, meeting other Brazilians who also live in Amsterdam and are offering Brazilian dinners at their own houses by Dinneer. Click here and learn more about shared dinners.


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